In Focus: The Campbell Brothers, Live at Caffe Lena

On Saturday, January 15, The Campbell Brothers played a high energy set for a small Caffe Lena crowd that braved the elements to make it out. The self-described church music group rocked Caffe Lena with their unique style that combined funk, soul, gospel, folk, and everything in between. The Campbell Brothers’ energy was contagious and the small cold crowd helped sing along to their entire hour and fifteen minute set.

campbell brothers

To get a real sense of what The Campbell Brothers’ music is all about by listening, check out this clip of “Morning Train” from 2011.

The Campbell Brothers’ set included “Morning Train” and a number of other energetic tunes including “I’ve Got a Feeling,” “Hell No,” “Heaven Yes,” and “Jump for Joy”. This clip of “Morning Train,” though, is a perfect representation of the tone, mood, and level of musicianship present at the show on Saturday night.

Whether it was Phillip’s touch on guitar, Denise’s powerful vocals, or Chuck’s superb control on the pedal steel, The group hit notes that anyone can enjoy. Their simple hooks made it easy for the crowd to learn the lyrics and sing along with Denise throughout the night.

campbell brothers

There is no substitute for witnessing their music performed live in person, and it is an experience that music lovers will crave again and again. So the next time The Campbell Brothers morning train rolls into your town, the only question you need to ask yourself is, “how many tickets am I buying?” Also, be sure to check them out on Facebook.

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