Premiere: The dt’s ‘Need You (forever)’ In Newly Released Single

The Central Jersey rock duo known as the dt’s have officially released their third single called “Need You (Forever).” This multi-instrumental two-piece (Dave Cacciatore, Tom Losito) officially formed last year after years of playing together after first meeting at a local bar’s open mic night.

They each play an array of instruments that include guitar, bass, ukelele, drums, and piano and seamlessly shift from rock to blues to power pop while incorporating soaring harmonies.

Dave Cacciatore wrote “Need You (Forever)” while in college by first coming up with the riff, which infuses elements of Oasis and The Beatles, and then adding lyrics afterwards. The song is a concoction of different life experiences, events, and feelings that he was going through at the time. Everything from school, work, and relationships were infused in the lyrics.

The song was recorded at the dt’s home studio while quarantining last year, starting first with just two acoustic guitars before adding layers of electric ones through vintage Fender, Peavey and and Vox amps. A Gibson Les Paul Custom SG and Tom’s dad’s 74’ Fender Strat were also heavily utilized in addition to experimenting with a plethora of vocal harmonies. Frank Letteri of The Paper Jets and Dust Of Days was brought on to record the drums and Joe Pomarico did the mixing and mastering over at Telegraph Hill Records.

The dt’s said one of the things they’re most proud of about their most recent single “are the peaks and valleys throughout the song, eventually crescendoing to a massive peak at the end.” It’s a song rich with vocals, guitars, drums and catchy melodies. Check out the band’s website for more of their music.

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