Sam Rappaport Drops Second Single, “Journeyman’s Ballet”

Brooklyn-based songwriter Sam Rappaport has released his second single, “Journeyman’s Ballet,” A founding member of Brooklyn indie R&B/blues rock band Gooseberry, the solo effort was led by his debut single “Till the Morning Comes”.

The song follows a traveler’s decent into isolation and contemplates that which provides him company. Silky, melancholic vocals in the vein of John Mayer hang delicately above a buoyant groove. Sam worked with Toledo‘s Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz to produce the track, showcasing the duo’s talent for warm, layered arrangements. 

Sam spent most of his life believing that he was headed for the NBA. When that didn’t work out, he’s been searching for purpose ever since, traveling the country, taking jobs as a case manager at a welfare office, a reporter for local newspapers, a bartender at a Sichuan restaurant, among others. However, he’s never strayed too far from a piano and a healthy stack of yellow legal pads. 

As noted by Eclectic Music Lover, “the song has a pleasing jazzy soft-rock vibe reminiscent of late 70s/early 80s Steely Dan. Rappaport’s keys are well complemented by Daniel and Jordan’s lilting guitar notes and gentle percussion that enhance, rather than overpower, allowing his lovely piano to really shine.”

Give a listen to Sam Rappaport and his underrated vocals that fit the melody of “Journeyman’s Ballet” superbly.

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