Black Midi Bring The Cavalcade Through Webster Hall

The London-bred experimental rock band Black Midi came through Webster Hall on Tuesday night in support of their excellent 2021 LP Cavalcade. The show was their first stop in the city, one night before playing the smaller, niche performance space Pioneer Works in Brooklyn. The band last played in New York back in July of 2019 with a headlining show at Bowery Ballroom. That show was fresh off the heels of their breakout debut LP Schlagenheim.

Black Midi at Webster Hall, 10/19/21. Photo by BuscarPhoto

As the lights went down inside Webster Hall, Black Midi was introduced over the PA as if we were about to witness an old school boxing match. The band took the stage as Sinatra’s always tasteful “New York, New York” played over the speakers. The song would not only be an intro, but the band would recall the chorus of the song several times during the first couple songs of the show.

Black Midi at Webster Hall, 10/19/21. Photo by BuscarPhoto

Black Midi have two studio LPs under their belt (via Rough Trade) and both feature free jazz, math rock, punk and indie all blended together in an experimental guise. The records go through various movements with long, psychedelic passages surrounded by ferocious bits of jazzy punk rock. Even though the music is chaotic and noisy on the surface, it all comes together in a cohesive and well performed live show. Songs from both records were seamlessly stitched together with jams and improvs blending one into the other.

Black Midi at Webster Hall, 10/19/21. Photo by BuscarPhoto

Black Midi have a lengthy tour schedule ahead. The US shows continue until the end of October, with another US leg happening in March and April 2022. In between, the band tour the UK and Europe throughout November and December. Check out the full list of tour dates HERE and the setlist from the Webster Hall show is below.

Setlist: 953, Speedway, Welcome To Hell, Dethroned, Sugar/Tzu, The Defence, Hogwash and Balderdash, Still, Flamenco, Lumps, Chondro, John L, 27 Questions, Slow

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