Indie-Pop Musician Spencer Barnett releases “Dancing” Music Video

Spencer Barnett, rising indie-pop genius from Brooklyn, has just released a new music video for his catchy single, “Dancing.” The video features groovy moves from Spencer and a unique color palette that makes it delightful to both the eyes and the ears.

“Dancing” is written and produced by Spencer Barnett alongside Jon Hill and Alessandro and Gianluca Buccellati [Arlo Parks, Tei Shi] and follows the release of Spencer’s dynamic Welcome To My Mind EP. Welcome To My Mind is the final part of Spencer’s three-part EP trilogy which came directly after debut EPs I’m Fine (“Waste My Time”) and Reckless (“17”). His first EPs gained him lots of attention from influential tastemakers such as Paper, V MAN, Ones to Watch, and Flaunt. They also led him to be included on the most coveted playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

Welcome To My Mind blends soulful melodies, indie rock leads, and bedroom-inspired guitar riffs while keeping his youthful side through majestic lyrics. “Dancing” encapsulates the fun feeling of youth while incorporating mature musical and production skills. The video is a perfect next step for the up and coming indie artist that has an exciting future ahead of him.

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