Mondo.NYC Adds 11 Artists to Showcase at Upcoming Festival

Mondo.NYC announces that 11 new showcase artists will perform at their Music, Arts and Technology Conference and Showcase Festival, from different places all over the world.

For a few years, Mondo.NYC has been around to combine tech and live music in a conference to unite musicians, fans and tech disruptors. This year marks the six year anniversary of the festival and despite the changes that COVID-19 has brought about for both industries, the goal remains the same. Rather than being an in person event, it will be an interactive virtual event that can be streamed all around the world. Mondo 2021 focuses on the experiences and changes everyone has faced during the past year and looks toward solutions for the future. The conferences have panels revolving around post-covid financial wellness and survival, music supervision, music tech, racial and gender equality in the music industry and a number of others. 

The showcase for the Mondo.NYC 2021 showcase comprises artists from Brooklyn, Barbados, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy and more. Some of the newest showcase artists added to the list include, Andrew Weiss and Friends, Julie’s Haircut, Lightcraft, Like Water, Rubytech, She’s Excited!, Single By Sunday and The Living Strange. Along with these performances, Mondo presents a showcase focused on an individual territory called Minas-Brazil x Mondo and will feature three Minas-Gerais based groups: Ancestral Diva, Baladeva Nitai, and Carolina Serdeira. The emergency fund that provides relief for venues affected by the pandemic, NYC Nightlife United, will have a panel at the event as well. For the third year in a row, RAP at Harvard Law School, is hosting live virtual pro bono sessions, to give free legal services to local and national artists.

The Music, Arts and Technology Conference and Showcase Festival occurs from October 12 through October 15. Tickets for the four-day event are available on Mondo.NYC’s website, with an early bird sale up to 37% off the original prices.
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