Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl are “Eazy Sleazy” in surprise collaboration

Spring of 2021 marks a first time release from the unexpected duo of Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl. Like anyone waiting around at home for the world’s next move, Mick Jagger had the idea for a new song while sitting in limbo. The single “Easy Sleazy” was sent to Dave Grohl who says “It’s beyond a dream come true. Its the song of the Summer, with out a doubt”

The duo sent parts to each other back and forth over the past month, with Mick Jagger on vocals and guitar and Dave Grohl handling guitar, drums, and bass. Mick says of the duo “Dave likes it ’cause it rocks hard. I like to rock hard, too, so it feels good in that way.” The song covers almost all of the world’s hot topics from the view of someone who might still have Sympathy for the Devil.

“Shooting the vaccine, Bill Gates is in my bloodstream, It’s mind control… there’s Aliens in the deep State.” Jagger’s lyrics immediately suggest not wanting to fall in line with the masses right now. “I haven’t written loads of songs about it. ‘Eazy Sleazy’ is the only song I’ve written on this subject. I wrote it quickly a few weeks ago”

Jagger’s point of view on the experiences of the kind of general long lock down is relatable. “You see a pretty girl, but you can’t take any chances before the vaccine. And then all the silly things that you could try and do to pass the time because you feel you got to “better yourself.” Everyone tried to do something, didn’t they? Cooking and dancing and learning another language badly.” Jagger expresses this during the tune while singing, “I think I’ve put on weight, I’ll have another drink and clean the kitchen sink”

mick jagger dave grohl

He addresses his own angle during this time on whether or not he actually tried to better himself. Mick Jagger is as open as we all should be to one another when loved ones are checking in “Not really, to be honest. No. It’d be so stupid if I said, [puts on sarcastic voice] “Oh yes. I did say that I bettered myself. It was an introspective time for me.” It’s a piss-take out of all these things; I mean, you try and learn another language and all this.”

Remembering when Mick first went solo outside of the Memory Motel of The Rolling Stones in 1970, he released “Memo From Turner” with lyrics all ready reflecting on previous times experience. 51 years later, Mick is still relevant to the times and the world around him. This single is his newest memo to all: “Please Me, It’ll be a Memory You’re Trying to Remember to Forget.”

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