Fake Dad Announce Debut EP ‘Old Baby’

Brooklyn duo Fake Dad return with their new EP Old Baby, and its final single “Listen.” The band is previewing the album on March 19th via Baby’s TV, a livestream series presented by Williamsburg venue Baby’s All Right.

Fake Dad, comprised of Andrea de Verona and Josh Ford, formed in early 2018. Their sound is defined by their signature butter-smooth R&B vocals combined with buzzing hip-hop and electro-pop textures that form a dizzying cocktail that always finds its groove. The band has three singles in preparation for their debut, “Summerhill”, “Breakfast in New York”, and their newest single “Listen”.

Brooklyn-based electro-duo Fake Dad bring that same energy to their new single, “Breakfast in New York,” a bite of R&B-tinged bliss guaranteed to make your mouth water for a bacon, egg, and cheese from your bodega or deli of choice (for those of us outside The Big Apple, maybe an Egg McMuffin at the very least).

The All Scene Eye

Other song on the EP include “Pretty/Ugly” which sees the duo imagining themselves among the ranks of famous pop stars. The song “Knit Sweater” offers an innate comfortability, seeing the band reaching for something safe and whole. The newest single, “Listen”, is grounded in silky meditations offering a serene mood. The unique soundscape offered by this EP see the band meld these inflection points together for something both invigorating and comforting. The EP is an exciting a bold move for the promising duo.

Tickets for the March 19th preview livestream are available here.

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