The State Theatre of Ithaca Announces First Ever Virtual Concert

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, ‘virtual concerts’ have come to be a familiar set of words. Fortunately, The State Theatre of Ithaca is joining in on the trend with its first virtual concert, “Boogie for the State – A Virtual Shakedown.”

Poster art for “Boogie for the State – A Virtual Shakedown.”

On Feb. 28, The State Theatre of Ithaca will live stream their show on both their Facebook page and YouTube channel. Over a dozen local artists will perform for the concert.

“The Boogie Shakedown” is a backyard party that local musicians organize and perform for their friends and family. From 1998 all the way up until 2020, there’s been an annual “Shakedown” that attendees are always excited about.

“I still vividly remember attending my first Boogie Shakedown back in the late 90’s. It was the first time that I ever saw the Sim Redmond Band perform!  We were all just a bunch of kids, getting together, having fun and making incredible music.  Twenty-plus years later, I think our children look forward to The Boogie even more than the adults,” said Executive Director Doug Levine.

Levine also states that he intends to start this year off with something people “could look forward to” after an extremely tough year.

Much like the past “Boogies,” this virtual show will consist of seasoned artists who have performed for it in the past as well as talented new-comers. Some of the artists confirmed are Plastic Nebraska, Sim Redmond Band, Johnny Dowd, Maddy & Suave (Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots), Mary Lorson & Billy Cote (Madder Rose), Common Railers, The Small Kings, The Rungs, Janet Batch, The Sutras, Don Bazley and The Moles.

The State Theatre of Ithaca is a nonprofit organization that owns and operates the last remaining historic theatre in Tompkin’s County. The community annually donates contributions to keep the site alive and well. Their purpose is to preserve history and promote live music, community and performances. Just last month, they reached their goal for “Save Our Seat,” a fundraiser to help with budget concerns during these unprecedented times.

We are excited to partner with The State Theatre to bring the Boogie back to life in 2021. Not being able to hold the Boogie last year, for the first time in 21 years, was unfortunate, and I am really looking forward to helping organize this event, even if it’s being done virtually.  The Boogie Shakedown always signified the beginning of summer, of live music festivals, outdoor gatherings with friends and family.

said Brian Fiorello, founding organizer and host of The Boogie Shakedown.

The State Theatre Virtual Concert starts at 7:00 p.m. and is free to anyone wishing to experience a Virtual Shakedown. The theatre promotes the show to “stay home. Tune in and boogie down.”

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