Queens Rapper Kyngjo Making a Leap With ‘Who That’ Official Video

Upon the release of the music video for his single, “Calling Me,” Lefrak city native Kyngjo was happy with how his music was progressing, but was not fulfilled. Having begun his foray into the rap game only a year prior, he had seen significant growth in his sound and audience. With songs like “I’m Good Luv,” “Calling Me” and “Hypnotize” having reached tens of thousands of plays, he felt like it was time to up his production value.

“A lot of people want to rap, but what separates most of them is who puts their own money behind it,” he adds. “People always say this, but you really have to invest in yourself.” 

With that, he embarked on a quest to shoot his best music video to date. The slick & catchy single “Who That,” which contains features from Long Island native, Pell The Don and Bronx rapper, Goggle Boy.”

“I just felt like that was a song I could push,” he explains. “Everyone did they thing on it and it’s something you could bump in the club or in your whip.” With a more polished music video in mind, he sought out popular Queens videographer, V.Lens. “I have ideas, but I also want a videographer who can come with their own [ideas] and knows how to shoot a story, not just record the video.”

Together, both artist and videographer brainstormed ideas and eventually came up with a fitting storyline to match the record. And so, the quartet made their way to the Long Beach section of Nassau County, as the boardwalk was designated as the perfect locale.

Actress and model, Ceecee Valez, played Kyngjo’s love interest in a plot that sees him and Pell The Don counting wads of cash when Kyngjo peers off, noticing Valez’s character making her way out. The rest of video sees the trio deliver their verses in the two Rolls Royce Wraiths and inside a club-themed locale.

Overall, the music video was quick and to the point (along with plenty of eye-catching props). Each artist got their chance to showcase not only their verses, but how well they work in front of the camera as this was a significant step up for each of them. “I wanted to separate myself from a lot of other people and I feel like I did that,” Kyngjo reveals.

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