JamCast Network Announces kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace!

The JamCast Network announces the kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! Live-Stream for Equality. The live-stream fundraiser will feature music & cultural education. It will center around the racial equality and justice movement and take place at 4PM on July 18. 

The live-stream is being hosted by Alan Evans, Laranah Phipps-Ray, and Greg Knight. The event will feature content, statements, & performances from Doom Flamingo, Zion I, Ghost-Note, Mark Lettieri, Angelo Moore, JC aka Tripple Threat, Cosmik Krewe & Friends (Featuring Micheal Ray’s performances with Barenaked Ladies, Sun Ra Arkestra, Instant Funk, & More), Alric Carter and Isaac Teel of TAUK, Nick Cassarino of Nth Power & Erin Boyd of Phantom Vanity, Joslyn & The Sweet Compression, The Sweet Life, Wil Blades, Zach Brock, The A-Beez, Camryn Jackson, Rob Dixon & Trilogy, Brickdrop, After Funk, & More to be announced. 

There will also be educational speakers, interviews, & panels at the live-stream. Some of the people on the docket include Kim Dawson, Nahbi Reality (Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate), Delia McGee (Founder of TakeBlaction), with many more to be announced.

The JamCast Network has teamed up with TakeBlaction which is a fully decentralized & volunteer-based initiative. The partnership is fundraising for Social Justice Matters, America Scores NY, The Emma Bowen Foundation, & more with the live-stream. Every dollar raised from this stream is being donated and dispersed throughout these organizations.

The primary source of streaming & donations will be on JamCast Network’s website. The live-stream will also be available on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, JamCast Network, and Cash Or Trade Streams.

For more information on the kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! Live-Stream for Equality visit the JamCast Natwork’s website.

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