Camp Circle Jam Hosts Festival for Artists in Need

Camp Circle Jam creator Ostin Gold has announced a virtual music festival taking place July 2 at 12 p.m. A collective streaming event for music, art and wellness, the grassroots festival will showcase over 30 creators ranging from live music to mindfulness workshops and more.

Live performances will include Brooklyn based DODONGO, Jeremy Kraus (Space Carnival), Danny Littler (Autonomix) and Josh Nermon (Autonomix), Vaporeyes, Gallons Of Pork, Chameleonize and a set of Phish from Nectar.

Performing solo will be Pat Tato (of Vaporeyes/Baked Potatoes) Ron Solo (Of Space Carnival), Smurfy, Khalil Jade, Marliii, Josh Nermon (of Autonomix) and more.  Unique DJ sets will feature names like Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, APROTU, Waves,  and more.

Available to stream on Twitch, there is no cost to watch the event but donations will be accepted which will directly benefit artists and creators that have found themselves out of work due to the pandemic.

Find more information about the festival on Instagram and Facebook.

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