Hearing Aide: Treasure Plate ‘Engine Core Phenomenal’

Galactic space travelers Treasure Plate have traversed time and space to send a message in the form of a rock opera of epic proportions. The self-professed blue collar cybernetic spacemen from somewhere in the 4000th millennium forewarn of a future filled with the dangers of space travel, encounters with hostile alien life, and harrowing narrow escapes on their album Engine Core Phenomenal.

The audio recording conveys the cosmic story, alternating between songs and narrative segments that push the story line forward. The band is comprised of a mix of sci-fi fans and a theater major, and the full effect of the story is best felt during their performances in full costume with special effects.

Whether it’s live or recorded, the story of space travelers under siege is a great escape from our run-of-the-mill modern day problems. But then again, some things never change, like the yearning to explore the outside world in order to discover ourselves. As they sing in the final verse of the album, “It’s who you are, it’s how we grow / It’s now where we’re gonna go.”

Treasure Plate is Brian McCormick on guitar, Ryan Kinal on bass, Luke Cornwell on keyboards, and Joshua Lownberger on drums. They brought a host of friends into the studio for backup on several tracks. Engine Core Phenomenal was recorded and mastered by Jesse Sprinkle at Bluebrick Studios.

Key Tracks: The Wrong Way, End of the World, Stargazers


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