Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Leftover Salmon release sounds in support of Backline

On the heels of the Jeff Austin tribute show ‘What the Night Brings,’ Backline has announced the release of two singles by Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Leftover Salmon, both of whom have joined Backline as partners.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong released “Dawn a New Day,” a psychedelia-inspired lyric video via Billboard in announcing their partnership with Backline, in an effort to help those struggling with mental health “dawn a new day.” Contributions to Backline’s “Dawn A New Day” fundraiser can be made here.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong singer and guitarist Greg Ormont said in a statement:

“Our new single ‘Dawn A New Day’ is all about looking on the sunny side of life. We’ve been fortunate to be able to spread that message of positivity to The Flock for years now, and we’re always looking for even more ways to give back. While we always encourage people to ‘dawn a new day’ when they’re experiencing a difficult chapter in their lives, we also recognize that it’s easier said than done. It made perfect sense to partner with Backline around this single to help raise awareness about mental health and offer a direct line to mental health resources for those who need it. We’re honored to give back to the music community in this way and we’re determined to find even more ways to help people ‘dawn a new day’ moving forward.”

Likewise, Leftover Salmon, a band with a close connection to the late Jeff Austin, released “Songs You’ve Left Unsung” as a tribute their dear friend. The song was penned by Leftover Salmon bassist Greg Garrison and is available via Backline.Care in a ‘pay what you want’ format.

Greg Garrison shared the following about “Songs You’ve Left Unsung” and his memories of his friend:

“I first met Jeff Austin when we were in 7th grade. Through the 80’s and 90’s, we somehow always wound up in the same places at the same times…Rolling Meadows, IL as kids, Decatur and Urbana, IL during our college years, and eventually Colorado as adults. And then, maybe predictably, as members of touring bands in the same scene. “Songs You’ve Left Unsung” is a reflection on some of these times…the verses move chronologically, starting in Illinois and winding up in Colorado. The chorus is meant to be bittersweet but also hopeful for those of us that are still here writing songs, experiencing music, raising families and living life with all of its turbulent ups and downs.”

Garrison spoke of his connection to Backline, noting:

“I think their mission is exceptionally important; providing mental health and wellness support to people in the music industry while also providing an opportunity for those of us who deal with issues like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse to share our stories. Hopefully, these stories will provide comfort, clarity, support, inspiration and a helping hand to anyone who is in need.”

Backline is a hub for music industry professionals and their families to quickly and easily access mental health and wellness resources. Backline has partnered with leading support organizations and care providers to streamline access to a wealth of services and educational resources specifically geared towards this work and lifestyle. A hub to discover existing organizations, unique content, peer networks, and case managers who can help create a plan that addresses your unique mental health and wellness challenges–on and off the road, the website was created by music industry professionals for music industry professionals. More information is available at Backline.care.

PPPP will perform in Buffalo December 13-14 at Town Ballroom, with Lespecial supporting them on December 13. For a full list of upcoming tour dates visit Pigeons’ website.

Leftover Salmon are currently on tour, with Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman embarking on an acoustic tour in December with New York dates in February.

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