Video Premiere: The Reflections “Union Sq.”

Brooklyn’s indie rock duo, The Reflections, have released a video for “Union Sq.” today, Thursday, July 25. It is set in and around Manhattan’s Union Square Park, which serves as both inspiration and namesake of the song. The video stars dancer/actress Sabrina Karlin and band member Dan McGuigan. Dan’s twin brother and band mate, Tim, served as lead-director and editor, with co-direction and filming by cinematographer Dariell Pujols.

The Reflections

“This song has always been extremely visual for us, and we feel this music video completes the song’s full artistic expression. The choreography highlights the push-pull tension of a particular relationship, which builds until it reaches a ‘breaking point’ – the separation and climax of the song which occurs at Union Square. A relationship where there is a deep affection, but that you know is not meant to be; and sometimes the hardest thing to do is walk away.” – Tim McGuigan

This song is one of a pair on their recent EP, Two Songs. Follow The Reflections on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

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