Exclusive Video Premiere: Major Player “Game Time”

Fresh from the salt city is a sweet new tune from Major Player to add to the top of your summer mix. “Game Time” is a love song for summer, and all of the shenanigans it facilitates. The single is the first since Major Player’s debut album Extended Play released in 2016, with a notably more bubbly vibe. Jeffrey York is the creator with an array of other musicians lending their talents in different ways.

Upon first listen of “Game Time,” in the chorus it almost sounds like York sings “there’s something about you,” as one might say about an alluring love interest. The line actually is “there’s something about June,” but the magic of early summer weather offers it’s own kind of seduction so it’s a fitting parallel.

The video captures scenes of an almost uncharacteristically sunny Syracuse in muted colors to hint at the nostalgia always felt for this fleetingly precious time of year. The lyrics have an uncomplicated ease to them like a laidback summer hangout and are backed by almost triumphant instrumentation highlighting the victory of summer’s arrival. It’s a fun, lighthearted song anyone excited for sunshine can dig. Time to get your boombox crankin’ and roller blade to the nearest ice cream stand with “Game Time” as part of your summer soundtrack.

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