Turkuaz Throws Down at Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn’s own nonet Turkuaz returned to the Big Apple last Saturday night with an unforgettable, energetic show for the hometown crowd at Brooklyn Steel. Turkuaz consists of Dave Brandwein (guitar, vocals), Taylor Shell (bass), Craig Brodhead (guitar, keys), Michelangelo Carubba (drums), Chris Brouwers (trumpet, keys), Greg Sanderson (tenor sax), Josh Schwartz (baritone sax, vocals), Sammi Garett (vocals), and Shira Elias (vocals).

Aqeuous, a prog-rock, psychedelic jamband hailing from Buffalo, NY opened for Turkua, and established the mood. Their delicious power chords and deep grooves enchanted the crowd and warmed up the room. During the set, the horns section from Turkuaz came out to play “Weight of the Word,” which was recorded for their album Elements: Part II (live) with the Turkuaz horns.

After a quick break, Turkuaz emerged, and immediately dropped into their signature funk with “20 Dollar Bill.” The powerful vocals of Garett, Elias and Schwartz immediately had the crowd dancing. The band launched into a deep groove, led by Brandwein, and never looked back. “If I Ever Fall Asleep” had elements of new and old, a great groove, motown reminiscent lyrics, and incredible dancing by Garett and Elias. The crowd was feeling the love.

Later in the set, Mike Gantzer, the talented guitar player from Aqueous, sat in for “Big Business” and “Murder Face,” adding a psychedelic rock element to the already colorful party. Other notable songs included the melodic and bubbly “Superstatic,” off of their Superstatic album which resonated well with the energetic crowd.

The band closed out the evening with the delightfully funky “Coast to Coast,” led by the bass thumping of Shell. Band members shook hands with audience members as they left the venue. The crowd did not want the show to end and created impromptu dance sessions on the sidewalk outside of the venue.

Turkuaz rewarded their hometown fans with an epic throwdown in Williamsburg last Saturday. This band is not to be missed, and Brooklyn anxiously awaits their return.

Aqeuous Setlist

Random Company, Say It Again, Weight of the Word*, Skyway>Timmy’s Blades>Second Sight

*With Turkuaz horns, debut album version

Turkuaz Setlist

20 Dollar Bill, E.Y.E., If I Ever Fall Asleep, The One and Lonely, Holy Ghost, Tiptoe Through the Crypto, Gremlins, Make You Famous, Electric Habitat,
European Festivity Nightmare, Superstatic, The Question, Big Business/Murder Face*, Life in the City, Chatte Lunatique, Take it Slow,
Back to Normal

Coast to Coast

* with Mike Gantzer of Aqeuous

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