Aqueous Wraps Up a Tremendous Year with Pair of Sold Out Hometown Shows

Fan-favorites, Bust-Outs & Debuts to Ring in 2019

As far as New York-based bands go, it has been an incredible year for Buffalo’s Aqueous.  From releasing Color Wheel, their first full length album since 2014, to a wildly successful nationwide tour, the foursome certainly ended the year with a splash thanks to a pair of sold out hometown shows.   The band offered a VIP “King for a Day” package to fans that included an intimate show at Nietzsche’s on December 30, followed by the New Year’s celebration December 31 at The Town Ballroom with support from power-rock trio lespecial.

Night one, Nietzsche’s filled up fast.  The “King For A Day” crowd was buzzing with excitement.  Fans were busy debating what songs will be played, what songs they’ve been chasing.  The band took the stage and broke into the fan favorite “Dave’s Song.”  What came next led into a legendary set, Aqueous played their first album, ay-kwee-us, in its entirety.  “Mice,” “Uncle Phil’s Parachute,” “Falling,” “The Pioneer,” and “Mind Games” filled the set with bust outs which was appropriate for the show’s hometown, throwback theme.  “Falling,”(LTP 10/13/16)  “The Pioneer,”(last full band Pioneer 1/18/13) and “Mind Games”( LTP 12/9/2017) were the biggest bust outs of the night, with “Mind Games” only ever being played at 87 shows.   The second set continued with the nostalgic concept with more bust outs including “Doctor Brox,” (LTP 12/3/15) and “Coyote Run,” (LTP 3/20/14.)   The night ended with an energetic drum solo from Rob Houk and an emotive cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Echoes.”

Night two, Aqueous sold out  New Year’s Eve at The Town Ballroom for the second year in a row – a much bigger venue than the night prior, but the energy in the room was exuding the sentimental hometown spirit.  Set one opened with “Random Company,” from the Best In Show album, followed by the inspirational “Realize your Light” from the latest release Color Wheel.  Smiles on stage gave hint that something fun was coming up next, which proved to be true when Aqueous debuted a very fitting cover of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back In Town.”  Embracing the vivacity of the crowd, the band continued set one with “Split the Difference,” a remarkable “Skyway,” and a long anticipated “Eon Don.”  After a quick set break, Aqueous returned to the stage with “Strange Times,” a beloved “Weight of the World,” and another Color Wheel fan favorite, “How High You Fly.”  As the clock neared midnight, set two carried on with a rockin’ “Origami,” and the New Year’s Eve traditional song, “Auld Lang Syne.”   The confetti cannons exploded, as Aqueous glided into a debut of a cover of The Grateful Dead‘s “Truckin.”  The second set concluded with a David Loss specialty “Aldehyde,” an encore of “In It (For Me),” and a gorgeous rendition of The Beatles‘ “Hey Jude.”

After a little time off, Aqueous will be gearing up for their Winter Tour with BIG Something.  The tour kicks off February 7 at The Bluebird in Bloomington, IN.  Tour info can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

A photo gallery can be seen below. Photo credits: Strawberry Island Dweller.  The live recordings of both shows are available on with subscription.  Full set lists below.


December 31, 2018- Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

Set 1: Random Company, Realize Your Light, The Boys Are Back In Town1, Split The Difference > Skyway > Eon Don2 3 > Timmy’s Blades > Eon Don

Set 2: Strange Times4, Weight of the World, How High You Fly > Origami > Auld Lang Syne > Truckin’5 > Aldehyde

Encore: In It (For Me)6 > Hey Jude7

Notes:1 Debut, Thin Lizzy cover 2 BUSTOUT: LTP 7/2/17 (137 shows), funky version 3 Xxsplosive (Dr. Dre) tease 4 Jurassic Park Theme (John Williams) tease 5 Debut, Grateful Dead cover 6 Live Debut 7 BUSTOUT: LTP 2/26/14 (511 shows)


December 30, 2018 – Nietzsche’s, Buffalo, NY

Set 1: Dave’s Song1, Mice, Uncle Phil’s Parachute2, Falling3 > The Pioneer4 > Mind Games5

Set 2: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band6 7 > Second Sight > Doctor Brox8, Complex Pt. I, Warren in the Window9, Pure Imagination@@, Coyote Run@@@ > Don’t Do It@@@@ > King for a Day

Encore: Rob Drum Solo, Echoes@@@@@

Notes:1 W/ ending, last time ending played: 3/23/17 (167 shows) 2 Aerials (System of a Down) full band quote 3 W/ intro BUSTOUT: LTP 10/13/16 (210 shows) 4 BUSTOUT: LTP 8/25/17 (122 shows); last full band Pioneer 1/18/13 5 BUSTOUT: LTP 12/9/2017 (87 shows) 6 BUSTOUT: LTP 9/7/14 (417 shows) 7 Fuck Your Mom, Fuck Your Dad full band tease 8 BUSTOUT: LTP 12/3/15 (303 shows) 9 Let’s Go Buffalo chant and Maze quotes before song started @@ BUSTOUT: LTP 2/19/14 (513 shows) @@@ BUSTOUT: LTP 3/20/14 (503 shows) @@@@ Hella Good (No Doubt) full band quote @@@@@ BUSTOUT: LTP 9/13/14 (449 shows)

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