Albany Hip Hop Scene Sends Off Fellow Artist at Jupiter Hall

Clear Mind performed one last headlining set before setting off to fulfill a few months’ long duties in the National Guard. An energetic audience accompanied him as well as sets by Gian, Chris Cool Peoples, Wordthethirdeye, Rhakim Ali, Touch Money Militia, Clarisse Harbour, and D3v at Jupiter Hall in Albany on December 22.

Clear Mind

The headliner, on instagram as @kvngclear, showed songs from old and new projects and convinced his listeners through poetic lyrics and visible conviction. He recently came off a nomination for Hot 99.1’s Artist of the Year. Before and after seeing his set, there’s no surprise at the radio station’s co-sign.

Gian and Promise the Unbreakable

Gian opened up the evening with a smooth blend of r&b and hip hop performing new tracks such as “Fluency.” He’s also been seen playing guitar and lending vocals to Mr. Every Day and The Past Life at various performances around New York State.

Rhakim Ali.

Rappers Promise the Unbreakable, Chris Cool Peeples, and Rhakim Ali impressed the crowd with their abilities to entertain and spin words.


Wordthethirdeye, in particular, proved himself a vibrant entertainer. He delivered a strongly animated display on tracks such as “Eyeing Up Calliope,” and “Etc.” Along with vocals, he composes instrumental beats and has joined other artists from the 518 music scene on projects across the map.

Tony Louie and TouchMoneyMilitia

TouchMoneyMilitia, rap group led by Tony Louie and Touchmoney Cease, engaged the crowd through a hyperactive set.

Touchmoney Cease
Clarisse Harbour

Highlights of the evening also included Clarisse Harbour singing original songs and ending her set with a sweetened cover of “Get You,” by Daniel Caesar.


D3v commanded the crowd and came off as a professional on stage. He also took the cover song route with his own lyrical perspective on “Sorry” by Beyonce and finished his set on a high note providing a solid introduction for the headliner, Clear Mind.

Clear Mind

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