M. Shadows Suffers Vocal Injury, A7X Summer Tour Canceled

Avenged Sevenfold frontman, M. Shadows, posted on the band’s social media pages that he has come down with a serious vocal cord injury, forcing him and his band to cancel their upcoming “End of the World” tour featuring Prophets of Rage, Three Days Grace, and HO99O9.

It seems after the band returned from their run in Europe, Shadows suffered from a viral infection that left him voiceless. Swelling in his throat made it difficult for the doctors to see what exactly was wrong with Shadows. After some voice rest and steroids, the swelling went down and doctors discovered a blood blister on Shadows vocal cords making them unable to vibrate properly.

Feeling horrible about having to cancel the tour, Shadows apologized to fans in the statement he posted on social media:

There is no good way to start out a note containing bad news but here it is.

After Europe I came down with a terrible viral infection that rendered me voiceless.

I tried my best to take care of the situation with voice rest, medication and doctor visits but my voice was only getting worse.

After a week of steroids the swelling went down enough to see the cause of the problem. A blood blister has formed on my vocal folds and is preventing them from vibrating properly. In short, I can’t sing anything at the moment and the more I attempt to the more damage is being done. Luckily, as of now the doctors feel that 3 months of no singing and voice rest should get my chords back on track.

Unfortunately, this means we will have to cancel all tour dates at the moment.

Decisions like this weigh on me very heavily. It’s a tour I was looking forward to very much. I want to apologize to the fans who have spent their time and money booking travel arrangements and accommodations. I also want to apologize to our crew and the other bands who were depending on this tour.
None of these things are lost on me.

Just know that I have exhausted every possible solution in trying to get out there and perform for you. It just simply can’t happen at the moment.

We have a few things coming down the pipe soon that should be fun so we hope you look out for those.
Again, I am deeply sorry and hope to see you all soon.

In silence,