Intrepid Travelers bring out the oldies on ‘Over 65 Night’ of Cinco en Mayo Residency

For week 2 of Intrepid Travelers Cinco en Mayo residency at Nietzsche’s, the theme was oldies, for “Over 65 Night” found the band members dressed as old men – except for Donny who was dressed as an old woman, and played songs congruent with the theme. The show opened with the debut of a new original song, “Mind Wanderer,” introduced as being written by Sam. The lyrics were changed to “I lost my grandma” rather than “I lost my mind” to reference the theme for the night.

“When I’m 64” welcomed Marc Kabigting and Ellen Pieroni on clarinets, and the band did a double-time, bluegrass version of the song. “My Old School” and “Grown Folks” welcomed Pieroni back to the stage, this time on alto saxophone. The show Intrepid Travelers ‘Oldies’ show concluded with an extended version of “Once in a Lifetime.”

Setlist: Mind Wanderer(1), Funnel ~> Over 65 Jam > Funnel, Old Man(2), When I’m 64(3)%, Lonely Skies, Touch of Grey(4), My Old School(5)$ > Grown Folks(6)$

Encore: Once In a Lifetime(7)

% with Marc Kabigting and Ellen Pieroni on clarinets
$ with Ellen Pieroni on alto saxophone
(1) Original debut, lyrics changed to “Grandma Wanderer”
(2) Neil Young
(3) The Beatles, played double time bluegrass style
(4) Grateful Dead
(5) Steely Dan
(6) Snarky Puppy
(7) Talking Heads

The third week of IT’s Cinco en Mayo residency will feature Cosmic Brownie and celebrate Band Geeks and Spongebob Squarepants!

Intrepid Travelers Oldies

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