Vanishing Sun Makes Appearance on Rochester Indie Music Spotlight

Neo soul act Vanishing Sun shines in the latest episode of Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight. The innovative band fuses elements of jazz and funk, with driving rhythms and soulful melodies. In this episode, they discuss their origins, influences, and style with the show’s producer and host, Dan Gross. Vanishing Sun then launches into a series of songs, including “Decep2con,” “Music,” and “Sugar.”

The live events are free and open to the public, and are recorded at Bop Shop Records at 1460 Monroe Avenue in Rochester from 7-9pm. Upcoming Spotlight sessions include Vanishing Sun on March 9, Grand Canyon Rescue Episode on March 10, Seth Faergolzia’s Multibird on March 16, and Jimmy Highsmith Jr. on March 31, Aaron Lipp (solo) on April 4, and The Stedwells on April 14. Jon Lewis will finish out the fifth season, and mark the 50th episode in all for the series, on April 27.

Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight is produced and hosted by Dan Gross. Camera operation and video production are done by Jason Thibault and Dallas Greene. Audio is recorded by David Clapp and Dan Gross and mixed by Josh Pettinger of Wicked Squid Studios. This season is made possible by Bop Shop RecordsRowe Photographic Video and AudioBernunzio Uptown MusicSound SourceJoe Bean Coffee RoastersThree Heads BrewingWicked Squid Studios, and patrons who contributed to the Season 5 indiegogo campaign.

For more about the Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight, read the NYS Music feature. For the latest news and access to dozens of episodes, visit Dan Gross Music and Journalism.

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