Sixx: A.M. Members Form New Project

Following the late 2017 announcement that Sixx: A.M. was going on a hiatus as a band, frontman James Michael, and Guitarist DJ Ashba have formed a new music project called Pyromantic.

In a recent Blabbermouth article, the duo announced in a video posted to social media their future plans with the new band. Pyromantic has an idea of who will fill the rest of the band for the touring side of things, but will wait until they have an actual tour before announcing members.

Pryomantic is set to film a music video for the band’s lead single in Las Vegas soon, and with an album’s worth of material, they plan to release their debut studio effort later in 2018.

Michael on the lyrical direction of Pyromantic:

Lyrically, it is very deep, but it’s different from SIXX:A.M. in the sense that I think that we are choosing different subject matter to talk about. Sonically speaking, it’s heavy as fuck, but it’s also got these really, really pop melodies. So all I can say is I know you’re gonna dig it. It’s some of the most special stuff I’ve ever heard. We’ve been in this business a long time, and we’re very excited about that.

Ashba then added:

When we sat down to do PYROMANTIC, the one big thing [we said to ourselves] was, ‘Let’s create something so new and fresh and create a sound for PYROMANTIC,’ so when you hear PYROMANTIC, it has a very distinct sound. And it’s pretty much… What we went after is a great blend of dance, rock and pop, and you kind of throw that in a blender, and I would say that’s pretty much what PYROMANTIC sounds like.

Michael commented on the what kind of tours to expect them on:

The neat thing about this music is that it’s not going to be limited to just a rock audience, so there is a much broader spectrum of audiences that we can play for and a much broader spectrum of bands that we can actually tour with. That’s very exciting to us.

When asked about the future of SIXX: A.M., Ashba responded:

“We’re basically on an indefinite hiatus. SIXX:A.M. has always been from day one — it’s been no secret — it’s always been a side project for all three of us. We did an extensive amount of touring and when we got off, we all felt like, ‘You know what? Let’s take a good break here and it gave everybody time to kind of go do their things, the separate things that we wanted to do.

Sixx: A.M. last made their way through New York on the “Prayers for the Damned” tour in 2016, with stops in Syracuse and Rochester.

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