Long Island Based Cloud Releases Trippy New Single, ‘Wildfire’

Long Island’s Cloud (aka Tyler Taormina and friends) return with their new album Plays With Fire, featuring the single “Wildfire.” With a poppy, vibrant sound, hints of Panda Bear Electronics, Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins can be found in this warming tune.

“Wildfire” is accompanied by a music video for “Watch Your Mind Wander,” which Taormina directed in Los Angeles, one which revels in the sinister side of a good time, and an exclusive non-album B-Side. Nearly 10 minutes of tenderness and melancholy, “Watch Your Mind Wander” glimmers and glistens as it loops to its gentle conclusion. It’s a powerful comedown from the frenetic crash of “Wildfire” and offers yet another hint of what’s to come on the forthcoming Plays With Fire LP from Cloud.

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