Space Junk and Vibe & Direct Head Into Buffalo This Friday

It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter in Buffalo.  But fans of live electronic dance music looking for a winter reprieve can find it this Friday at Nietzsche’s in Buffalo.  The Queen City’s own Space Junk welcomes Ohio-based band Vibe & Direct for a night of live electronic dance and rock fusion that looks to shake the ice from an otherwise cold February.

Since officially forming in 2011, Space Junk has gained notoriety in the Central and Western NY regions for melting the fabric of space-time through live Electronic Dance Music. They defiantly blend genres including funk, jazz, bluegrass, progressive house and drum & bass. Widely recognized for their unique ability to seamlessly segue from typical jam-rock to electro DJ style fusion, Space Junk creates a one of a kind live dance experience.

The band has carved a reputation as the city’s premier live electronic dance band; winning Best Electronic Band from the All WNY Music Awards in 2016 and the Buffalo Art Voices Top Electronic Dance Act in 2014.

Space Junk bassist Will Thompson notes that Space Junk fans are always treated to a wide array of fusion twisting beats. “Be prepared for an eclectic journey of sounds and styles; progressive rock to EDM and drum and bass to folk and indie pop. We are always trying to push our music into different areas we haven’t played before,” Thomas explained. “Sprinkle in high intensity jams that sow the sets together for a full force show that won’t allow you to stand still.”

Three-piece powerhouse Vibe & Direct also handles a similar style of genre bending fusion that lands somewhere between rock, dance and electronic.  Vibe is known for their constant touring throughout the Northeast, Midwest, East Coast and Southeast.  The trio has appeared on numerous festivals including Rootwire, Mad Tea Party Jam, Domefest and the Werkout.

The two bands played together in support of G-Nome Project this past May at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

Thompson concluded noting that Space Junk is always eager to play a hometown show to their die-hard fans. “The truth is they make the show for us. The more fun the crowd is having the more fun we have and better we play as a band, no question.”

Space Junk kicks off the night at 10 pm, with a second set starting at 1 am.  Vibe & Direct takes the stage at 11:30 pm. Cover is $5.

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