Shinedown Completes Sixth Studio Album For Spring/Summer Release

Future Hall of Fame rockers, Shinedown, have completed the band’s sixth studio album that’s still to be named. The album will be released on Atlantic, in early 2018.

According to Shinedown guitarist, Zach Myers, the sixth album in the band’s musical library was the hardest to cut a song from and a much heavier sounding album then the band’s last studio effort, Threat To Survival. The band recorded 16 tracks, and will use 12 or 13 of them for the final cut.

Shinedown is expected to release the album sometime between spring and summer. Bassist for the band, Eric Bass, for the first time, produced the whole album and is now busy mixing it.

Blabbermouth reports a recent interview with radio station Razor 94.7, where Myers sat down with host Kaytie to talk about the upcoming album. He stated: “The new album is done.” He then clarified:

Our part is done. Not all of our part — Eric is now mixing the record as well. He was just gonna produce it and someone else was gonna mix it. But now he’s mixing the record. So Eric is not done, but the [rest] of us are done with our recording parts. So it is done. It’s in the can.

Myers on how the new album will sound:

It’s the hardest album for me — I think for all four of us,” he said. “And I’m not just saying this; everybody, when they make [a new album, they say], ‘It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.’ I’m being honest when I say it’s the hardest record for me so far trying to cut a song from. He then added: “It’s heavier than ‘Threat To Survival’, but it’s fresh, it’s new.

Asked how easy of a decision it was for the band to have Bass produce the new album:

He had already done three Number One songs, so it was, like, why not? Eric owns a studio in Charleston [South Carolina]. He owns a real studio that’s not at his house; it’s a real studio. That’s where we did ‘Cut The Cord’, that’s where we did ‘Diamond Eyes’, that’s where we did a ton of songs. And it just made sense. And it came organically. It wasn’t [like] we met with a bunch of producers and we didn’t like any of ’em, it was, like, ‘Why doesn’t Eric do this?’

Myers, who usually handles the touring-related side of all things Shinedown and Bass the more creative side, admits that:

When we make records, that’s the ‘Eric time;’ that’s when Eric is at his best. I was kind of excited for Eric to produce this entire record, and then I got even more excited once we started making it, ’cause it is my favorite SHINEDOWN record as of right now. Eric thrives in that studio; that’s his homebase, that’s his home field. And it feels really nice to have him produce the record.

Investing so much in his ability to produce music, Myers said that he believes Bass will become a very, very sought-after producer after the record hits the shelves.

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