Bobby Paltauf Releases a Single and First Ever Music Video

He’s been called a prodigy by the CT Post, sat in with Buddy Guy as well as The Meters, is wrapping up a second studio album and just released a music video, all at the ripe old age of 18-years-old. The video focuses on the world’s political climate as well as the inspiring campaign that Bernie Sanders ran last year.

“I’m definitely a fan of Bernie. Before him I didn’t pay attention to (the political climate.) The way he ran his campaign was really inspiring – just the way he spoke as an independent from Vermont. I went to the Brooklyn rally he did and was really inspired – I had to write a song about it. It’s unfortunate he didn’t make it too far…but the political revolution he started is still alive. I went with it because, you can take it as a song about Bernie, but there’s some underlying themes that are still relevant.”

Listen to the single on Spotify and keep a look out for the new album which Paltauf says will drop around mid-December.