Super American Brings Retro Pop Fun to Rochester

Super American wraps up their self-proclaimed Year of The Pineapple with a few shows. The feel-good retro-vibe pop band from Buffalo played at The Bug Jar in Rochester on Friday, October 3. The fun and fiesty bunch has been advertising show riders on their social media. The requests for the Rochester show included such random items as a cricket burner phone and a half-smoked Marb light cigarette.

The Bug Jar, recently voted “Best Small Venue” in City Newspaper’s annual readers’ poll, filled out the billing for the night with Sup?, Ivy’s Panic Room, and Periodic Table of Elephants. It’s important to note that PToE has just become a trio, as the bassist from their former band just moved back to the area. They joked about it, playing a song from their old band and announcing “We just covered ourselves!”

Super American took the stage close to midnight. The core of the band is formed by Matt Cox and Pat Feeley, with support from their friends Elliott Douglas (from MAGS) on drums and Fred Cimato (from Mason-Jar) on guitar. They started the set with ballads from their debut album Disposable, which was released earlier this year on Take This To Heart Records. These heartfelt songs are reminiscent of the works of iconic 90’s acts like Oasis and Gin Blossoms, but have a modern spin. 

They treated the audience to a few new tunes, which include their signature wordplay and catchy riffs with beats that you can’t help but dance along to. The pace picked up as they worked their way through the set, building up to an energetic performance of the bopping hits “Congratulations” and “Sloppy Jazz.” Fans were left in a heady daze, happy to have been part of the Year of The Pineapple, and looking forward to what the yet-to-be-declared next year will entail for these purveyors of “poolhouse rock.”

Catch them at The Kingsland in Brooklyn on November 19 (with MC Lars, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, and Born Without Bones) and their final hometown show of the year at Sugar City in Buffalo on December 6 (with McCafferty and Heart Attack Man). 

Setlist: Rebel’s Yell, Feeling Better, Dearly Beloved, Hands Down Olivia, Date (You Got Blisters), Missing Pieces, Congratulations, Coconut Shrimp, Sloppy Jazz. 

Disposable is available via Take This To Heart Records on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify. Read more about Super American and the making of their debut album in the interview with NYS Music


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