EQXposure Featured Tracks of the Week

EQXposure is a weekly show on 102.7 WEQX.  Airing Sundays from 7-9pm, it features two hours of local music from NY’s capital region, southern VT and the far reaches of the station’s signal. Listen online from anywhere at weqx.com 

Girth Control “Shirt Control”

On the surface, everything about this song, release, and band seems ridiculous. That’s because it is. But, it’s also really great, the music itself is no joke. Some people like to look back and laugh at ska punk, now it’s time to get over yourself and laugh with it. The new album Shorter, Faster, Dumber will be out on Friday, featuring 14 songs all fitting on a 7″ record, with some pretty rad color options. Give this track a listen and find the humor in getting older, and perhaps a little larger. It happens. Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh, skank and beer bong your woes away. 

Bendt “Ponder”

This is the last track on the band’s new EP, and you’ve got to love a song that you can both bang your head and sway your hips too. On this one the band finds that right groove that makes the listener move. There’s enough sweet riffs to keep someone a fan of the more metal side of rock happy, but the rhythm section makes it something you can dance to as well. That’s a sweet spot for sure. This one is a good first taste for a new listener, but giving the whole thing a listen through will be something you’ll want to do if you’re digging this one. 

Haley Moley “Parallel Executions”

From their release Object Permanence that came out this past spring, this song creates a really great vibe, one that you feel even more so in the live setting. It’s moody, a little creepy but it somehow still feels pretty fun behind that. That’s likely in part due to the springy, funky bass line that keeps your head bobbing along between the spacey guitar and vocals that toe a line between being melancholy and tenacious. With diverse backgrounds ranging from disco DJs, to area alt rock veterans, there’s a lot of influence, talent and thought behind their compositions and it shows. 

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