EQXposure Featured Tracks of the Week

EQXposure is a weekly show on 102.7 WEQX.  Airing Sundays from 7-9pm, it features two hours of local music from NY’s capital region, southern VT and the far reaches of the station’s signal. Listen online from anywhere at weqx.com

Geoff Gordon “Choker”

This new recording project stands out as being one to watch in the Albany area. They’ve released only a few tracks over the past several months, but promise more is on the way. This song is an example of everything in it’s right place. Every layer of sound, each tone, every word, means so much. The story within is a major bummer for sure, but the song changes and evolves so much throughout it’s three and a half minutes it sticks with you and leaves you wondering… what’s next?

The Spirit of Violence “1,000 Years or More”

From their debut full length album, Romantic Misanthropic, that was released digitally on the 13th of this month. This is a record that proves rock is far from dead, and that it can most definitely still be exciting. The Spirit of Violence have put together an album that is just heavy enough while still having great melodies, harmonies and on the first half of this track, a pop sensibility that makes it accessible to anyone that identifies as a fan of rock music. Within the second half (and throughout the album) you’ll find some of the best guitar work coming out of the capital region. 

Zan Strumfeld “Running on Empty”

This song is beautiful, the whole album is. The simplicity of the arrangements found in Book of Belonging allows for Zan’s honest words to float over them, pulling you in to her story. This album sounds like a look inwards, after a long look outwards at the love, loss and everything in between that led to the creation of this album. Recorded in a living room in Troy, this is real and raw emotion for better or worse, in the form of a story, in the form of a song.

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