November’s Funk Night in Albany to Feature Hartley’s Encore

On Wednesday, November 15, NYS Music Presents Funk Night 3: The Grand Band Throwdown,at The Hollow Bar and Kitchen, and hosted by Luke Malamood of Hartley’s Encore. The powerhouse lineup will feature members of The Chronicles, Hartley’s Encore, Front Business, Sensemaya, Legacy, Funkalicious, and JECCO, with special guest vocalist Tara Merritt and special guest saxophonist Suren Kyaruns.

This installment of the monthly Funk Night in Albany features musicians from across the Capital District, highlighted by two of Albany’s funk staples: The Chronicles and Hartley’s Encore. Featured players that have been announced include: Luke Malamood (Hartley’s Encore, lead vocals/keyboards); Chris Oliver (Hartley’s Encore guitar/vocals); Jeff Nania (The Chronicles/Hartley’s Encore/JECCO, saxophone); Phil Chow (The Chronicles/Hartley’s Encore, trumpet); Josh Gordon (Hartley’s Encore/Funkalicious, bass); Mike Gilet (Hartley’s Encore/Legacy, drums); Erik Pravel (Front Business/Hartley’s Encore, drums); Brad Monkell (Hartley’s Encore/Brad Monkell Trio, bass); Alex Gonzalez (Sensemaya/The Chronicles EWF band, percussion); and featuring Suren Kyaruns (Turkmenian National Philharmonic Orchestra/Turkmenian National Jazz Big Band/Hartley’s Encore, saxophone) and Tara Merrit (Legacy/MIRK, vocals). RSVP to the show here.

Watch a highlight from September’s Funk Night:

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