Witty Tarbox to Release Their Debut Album this Fall

Witty Tarbox is due to release their first album this fall. The band consists of Bryan Williams (vocals, keys, guitar), Alex Khoury (vocals, guitar), Cody “Schmitty” Tarbox (bass) and Colin “Bags” Gray (drums). The four song EP is titled The Adventures of Schmitty, Issue #1 v Rare. The album will be accompanied by a short story that chronicles the adventures of Schmitty, the meat-bass surfing nihilist of debauchery who is featured on much of Witty Tarbox’s online content. The track titles in no particular order are; Trevor, Moving Pictures, Schmitty and Bags, and Pabst Blue Rhythm. Check out the album art below.

Debuting as Witty Tarbox earlier this year on February 10 at Nietzsches, 2017 has been a year of growth for the band. Having already graced the stages of SlyFest 12 on the Blue Heron grounds and the inaugural Cobblestone Live this year. Witty Tarbox is just another fine example of the plump music scene in Buffalo. The future is bright for these guys. Be sure to follow them here on Faceboook and Instagram. The foursome will be performing later this week at Nietzsches on September 14 opening up for the Intrepid Travelers who are holding down a weekly residency every Thursday for the whole month of September.

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