Lacuna Coil to Celebrate 20 Years in 2018, New Album for 2019

Lacuna Coil fans anticipating a new album from the band will have to wait until at least 2019. In a recent interview with Impact Metal Channel, co-vocalists for the Italian metal band, Christina Scabbia, and Andrea Ferro talked about when fans can expect a new Lacuna Coil album, along with some insight as to how the band plans to celebrate Lacuna Coil’s 20 year milestone in 2018.

When asked if a follow up album to the band’s eighth studio album Delirium, was in the works, Ferro responed:

No, we haven’t started. Next year’s gonna be twenty years of Lacuna Coil, so first we’re preparing some surprises for next year, and then after that maybe we’ll start working on a new record. So I don’t think there will be a new record at least until 2019.

Scabbia elaborated on the way the band goes about the songwriting process:

Usually when we are on the road, when we are playing shows for a record, we usually don’t write for the next one. We like better to stop to completely focus on something, when we get the right idea, the right vibe. We don’t really write on the road, because there are too many distractions and we wanna be a hundred percent focused on our music when it’s the right time to write a new record.

In a past interview with Heavy Talk, Ferro and Scabbia were asked whether the band will release another DVD after 2008’s “Visual Karma.” Scabbia stated:

We have plans. We don’t know if it’s gonna be a DVD or something, but we are planning something special for the twentieth anniversary of the band that will be coming late next year. So it will be something different — not just a typical [release].

Ferro added:

We have kind of a secret project. We can’t really tell right now, but it involves different things. It might also be a DVD, but it’s a more complete package we’re gonna offer to celebrate the twentieth anniversary. So there is something in the works, but not specifically just a DVD.


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