Mister F Launches Kickstarter with $100 Goal

Albany based quartet Mister F has launched a Kickstarter.  The band is hoping to raise money to not only record a new album, but also to buy a new van.  Mister F launched the Kickstarter on May 10.

Despite needing to earn a total of $18,000 to ultimately fund both needs, the band set their campaign goal at a mere $100.  The tiny amount represents the towing cost of the band’s last van.

Mister F spends almost half of the year on the road, primarily touring the Northeast, Southeast and the Midwest, but heads out as far west as Colorado.  After the band lost their van this past winter, they found themselves having to rent a vehicle. Renting a vehicle meant the band was also limited on space.

Mister F keyboardist Scott Hannay told NYS Music that the lack of space on the road meant that the band had to “rely on other’s drum and bass equipment for two runs. One short run, we had to take as much as we could, because we didn’t have shows with other bands to work off of.”  For those shows, the band had to bring a second passenger vehicle to ensure they had everything they needed.

Beyond the van, the band is eager to get into the studio with guitarist Colin Shore, who  joined the band in July of 2016.  Shore is eager to showcase his contribution to the band’s development.  “There’s a balancing act that comes with writing, recording and playing with the band.” he noted to NYS Music. “Bringing my own flavor to the sound while also maintaining the unique style that the band has already established, has been a gradual process over the last year or so. I’m excited to show that progress in a crispy studio environment and with a batch of new music.”

Mister F used a similar platform in early 2014 for their debt album.  Hannay said that they understand their low $100 goal isn’t without risk but that it’s “not because we don’t absolutely need these things as a band. It’s super risky doing that because now we owe an album to people and our goal is met. We still need a van first and foremost.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a variety of funding options, starting at only $1.  The band is also offering video game style leveling, which features unlock-able incentives for all backers at a variety of overall goal levels.

Mister F is currently navigating their van and travel situation as they continue to hit the road in support of their summer tour schedule, which includes a variety of venue and festival dates including Disc Jam and moe.down.

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