Lets Danza! Comes to the Brooklyn Bowl with Horizon Wireless Then Sets Sail for a Rocks Off Concert

The truly unique group, Let’s Danza! will be performing at two completely different types of venues – The Brooklyn Bowl on May 28 and a Rocks Off show on the smallest vessel of the fleet, The Lucille on August 18th. So far, these are the only two shows that have been announced for this year.

Let’s Danza! is a supergroup of sorts, featuring  founding members of Brothers Past,  Thomas McKee (keys) and Clay Parnell (bass – also of Particle/Biodeisel/CIA) alongside their second keyboardist Ian McGuire (CIA). They always rotate their drummers, but for the two upcoming shows their drummer will be Particle’s Kito Bovenschulte.

NYS Music spoke with Tom McKee about their upcoming shows and why they decided to go with two keyboard players. “I wanted to do something that wouldn’t sound exactly the same as the traditional jamband lineup (guitar, keys, bass and drums),” said McKee. “I am sure we are not the first band to do the dual keyboard setup but it feels new and fresh right now and I am definitely writing music for that tonal palette.”

Their show at the Brooklyn Bowl will include Horizon Wireless with DJ Harrison Waxenberg and drummer Daniel Lyons, a duo from NYC that, “blends psychedelic break-beat music with a variety of other styles including trip-hop, minimal tech house.” Tickets are on sale for just $12.

Some Lets Danza! members are not unfamiliar with Rocks Off shows and McKee says that any loyal Brothers Past fan will know what a great time it is. McKee say it’ll be the same idea. “This is going to be a smaller boat but the idea is the same – three hours of music and a bar and a great view of the NYC skyline.” Tickets are available for presale for $27.50 and $35 on the day of.

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