Papa Roach Decides To Stay In Studio To Work On Follow Up To Upcoming Album

Albany area rock radio station Q103, which serves as an affiliate for Loudwire Nights, recently chatted with Papa Roach frontman, Jacoby Shaddix. In the interview with Q103’s Candace, Jacoby talked about the band’s upcoming ninth studio album, and its eagerness to immediately follow it up.

Jacoby stated that the upcoming album will have collaborations with hip hop artists Machine Gun Kelly, and Skylar Grey. Jacoby on MGK and Skylar Grey:

I’ve always been a big fan of hip-hop.  I fell out of love with it for a few years, but then there’s some new artists that I really am a big fan of, Machine Gun Kelly in particular. We collaborated at the [Alternative Press Music Awards], and that was awesome. And then I had this track called ‘Sunrise Trailer Park,’ and I needed a guest spot, and I played him ‘Crooked Teeth,’ and he was just, like, ‘Dude, P-Roach is back! This is so sick!’ So I was, like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this track I would love for you to be on.’ And so it was very organic.

We’ve got this other track called ‘Periscope.’ We wanted to have a guest female vocal on it, and on the last album, we had Maria Brink from In This Moment on ‘Gravity.’ I didn’t wanna just go in and grab another rock chick. I wanted to work with somebody that was outside the box and different but that I was a fan of. So I’ve been listening to this girl Skylar Grey for years now. And she’s been on some great tracks — she’s been on some Dre stuff, some Eminem stuff, she’s been on a Fort Minor track. But she’s kind of this indie, alternative, pop type of girl, and she’s just got a lot of credibility in that scene, and she’s got a great voice, and I’m a big fan. And so I thought, why not try some collaborations and some guest spots that were outside the box, not the norm?

On why P. Roach decided to stay in the studio:

We went back in the studio and started creating some music again for a new, new record. We have such a good creative flow that we’re, like, ‘You know what, man?’ Let’s just jump in the studio.’ We’ve got some time right now. We had a month set aside. Everybody in the band was just, like, ‘Let’s just go back in the studio.’ And so here we are.

In a separate interview with Loudwire Nights’ Toni Gonzalez, Jacoby went into detail on what fans can expect from the upcoming album:

We’re bringing back the rap, heavy on this new record. I think that was the big, bold step in the right direction for Papa Roach. We worked with new producers, these two guys Nick Furlong, aka Ras, and then Colin Brittain.

The vocalist says the producers were keen on bringing back that old school vibe from the band’s earlier days, “I feel that over the years we’ve always explored and tried new things and we’ve gotten so far away from where we came from that we thought it was time to kind of try to bring it full circle again.”

Papa Roach has released the singles “Crooked Teeth,” and “Help,” from the upcoming album, tentatively due in May.

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