What Is Cool Nowadays In Music?

Musical artists back in the day had it easy. All they needed to be cool was have a bunch of groupies, do a lot of drugs and wear glamorous clothes. These days, having sex with a lot of women and doing hard drugs has quite the opposite effect. What is considered cool now in the days of modern music?

Strong Social Media Presence

If you aren’t on Twitter, then are you really a musical celebrity? It’s cool now that artists are able to reach out their fans on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Fans want to know what musical stars are eating for breakfast, what their workout routine is and what they’re wearing. Fans especially love it when musical artists clap back at the haters through Twitter. The popular website TheRoot even featured an article listing the top ten celebrity clapbacks on Twitter.

Social Issue Awareness

Nowadays, the fanbase of most musical celebrities, young and old, consist of millennials. No generation has been as culturally diverse and socially aware as millennials. They want to know that their idols and rock stars are as socially aware of issues as they are. During this age, it is considered career suicide to post something sexist and racist on Twitter. It just isn’t glamorous. Fans want to see musicians get out there and help the world, feed starving children, help victims of domestic abuse and fight against racist standards. Fans feel empowered by musicians with strong uplifting beliefs that are incorporated into their music.

Smoke, But Smoke In A Glam Way

It is without a doubt that marijuana has been tied into music for years. It isn’t uncommon to see a musical artist posing with a joint in their music videos. That era of sloppiness has moved on into a higher-tech era of smoking. Vaping and vaporizers have made their way onto the cool music scene and artists are showing off theirs in music videos. Popular artist Oscar starred in a music video almost entirely vape-centric and can be found on YouTube. Vaping has become popular even among musicians from other countries like Severina, who shows off how sexy vaping is in her music video “Uno Momento.” Musicians are letting the world know to get with the high-tech times and smoke weed the glamorous way, with vaporizers. Still smoking out of a bowl? Ditching the old school ways isn’t as overwhelming as you think. The times of joints and bowls have now become outdated and lame. Get with the times, it’s like experiencing your first time all over again. Consider yourself a born-again smoker once you start vaping.

It is no secret. Music changes with the times and so does the criteria for being cool in the music world. Musical artists have always set the standards of what is considered cool and what’s not, but it looks like fans now have a big role in these aspects. If you do not have a strong social media presence, then you were never in the “it” crew. If you still sing about racist and sexist topics, then no one will listen to your music. If you still are smoking joints and ripping a bong, then big name celebrities are gonna blow vapor in your face while telling you to keep up.