Hearing Aide: Overkill ‘The Grinding Wheel’

It is already the second month of 2017 and it is already showing this year is the year of the thrash! With Kreator’s Gods Of Violence and Sepulutura’s Machine Messiah released in January, both are classic examples why the genre will never go down without a fight. Now it is time for another thrash/speed heavyweight to show the spirit of cheap beer and denim is still alive. I am speaking of course, of the mighty Overkill with their latest album, The Grinding Wheel, released via Nuclear Blast. Time to give this giant a well deserved review.

Being the eighteenth studio album from Bobby “Blitz” and the boys, it is safe to say they know what makes the name of the band so great.  A great follow up from White Devil Armory ( released 2014 via Nuclear Blast), this album has the classic sound these silly American thrashers are known for. The groove aspects of D.D Verni (bass guitar) and  Derek Tailer (Rhythm guitar) gives the album many memorable tracks. The most dominant tracks on the album that showcase this type of approach are the tracks “Come Heavy” and “Red White and Blue.”  With “Blitz” vocals, you will find yourself singing along while the general public just stares at you. Let them stare! You are a thrasher. These tracks just keep you bobbing your head more than a headbanger from “Brütal Legend.” It is called heavy metal!

Another key element of this album is the 80s classic thrash riffs that makes you wanna toss your friend in the circle pit while you hold his beer. You totally got it dude! The single of the album, “Our Finest Hour,”  is the powerhouse that drives the agression from start to finish. The machine gun style drumming of Eddy Garcia  is like a kick in the jaw.  Always keeping up the groove and the pace of the song. You might as well get a mouth guard while listening to it. It is a a non-stop ride of pure danger, but we know you love the abuse.

There are so many tracks that have captured metalheads hearts, including my own, it is safe to say this album will constantly be blasting by those who dig thrash. Prepare those neck muscles. This album gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pick it up now via Nuclear Blast or at your local record store.

Overkill is currently on a North American tour w/ Nile, Amorphis and Swallow The Sun and is hitting up Clifton Park at Upstate Concert Hall on March 9th, 2017.

Key Tracks: Our Finest Hour, Come on Heavy, Red White and Blue.