Chris Motionless Talks New Single, Label and Album

Motionless In White has givin fans what they been waiting for. MIW released their new single “Eternally Yours,” which comes from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, Graveyard Shift, on May 5, courtesy of Roadrunner Records.

MIW frontman Chris Motionless, recently chatted with Sirius/XM’s Jose Mangin, before playing and introducing the new single to the Octane listeners. Motinless briefly talked about several topics, including the new single, the band’s upcoming album, being signed to Roadrunner records and his first interaction with the label, and the many festivals the band will be performing at in 2017.

MIW is currently on tour with Falling In Reverse and Issues. MIW will play several major summer rock festivals this year, including Rock On the Range, Carolina Rebellion, Welcome To Rockville, Fort Rock, and Northern Invasion.

Below you can read the frontman’s response, to Mangin’s questions.

On why the decided to release new single:

Dude it’s been since we released our last single from the album 570, back in the summer so I think you know, seeing how much the fans been dying for new material, has mirrored exactly how much we been waiting to get it out there. So its just kind of, I feel like today is the mark of what is now what’s the beginning of what’s like the official buildup to the album coming out and… man does it feel good cause we just been sweating, waiting and finishing this album the right way and its just great. 

On being signed to his dream label, Roadrunner Records:

It’s so weird because, as you’re growing up and wanting to be on a record label and working hard to just get your band out there at all. You know we’ve always kind of saw Roadrunner as like “the” ultimate goal. You know we never had any aspirations to be on one of those big bad record labels that has like all these suit and tie executives and what not.  It’s just we wanted to be with Roadrunner because of what they done in the past, the bands that they worked with were all bands that we love. I think maybe back in 2008, we were playing on some really really small stage on the [Vans] Warped tour for like 20 people. It was like one of the first tours that we ever did, and there was a guy at the show that was kind of just hanging out in the back watching, and I was like this is interesting that this guy is just standing there and interpreting what he is seeing quietly, and he came over to me and handed me a card, and it said that he worked for Roadrunner. He gave me the card and said I’ll be in touch. I’m gonna be watching. To think back to that moment all the way to now, having been on Fearless Records for quite awhile and having a great time over there, and now finally ending up at the place where, like I said where we ultimately wanted to be the entire time. 

On all the festivals the band will perform at, including Rock On The Range:

I feel like every other year we get to do these festivals except for I think we do Rockville like every year. They are some of my favorite shows of the year. I think two years ago when we did it, we all collectively look back at that tour and kind of just look at it as one of our favorites. It’s just so much fun to be around all those environments all the bands and the fans are so excited so I’m really, really happy that were doing it again this year.

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