Exclusive: Formula 5 Reveals Title of Forthcoming Studio Album

Just over a month ago, Formula 5 launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund their third studio album. Kickstarter can be a little tricky because you have to reach your goal in its entirety in order to gain access to the pledges; the company has an “all-or-none” policy. But without a doubt, Formula 5 met their goal with flying colors! Check out their page using this link to see how they did and watch their campaign video.

The title of an album can be one of the hardest elements to come up with. But once a title is selected, it can help dictate the vision and theme for the album as a whole. There’s a bit of weight in an album title because even before someone learns what the album contains, their mind starts to wander about the music once the title is revealed. Formula 5 sat down together during their rehearsal and solidified their new album name.

“At practice last night, we settled on an album title, All Points North,” says Joe Davis. He shared some insight into the title selection:

“We chose All Points North for a title because of the uncertainty of remote places, the connection people have with those lands, and the lack of infrastructure and support they have around them, yet they are able to persevere. It’s an old way of living that’s lost in this era of social connectivity: being on your own and relying on yourself. We feel these types of ideals relate really well to the nature of our style of music and the songs featured on the album in particular.” This is especially true for the band as they often take on long improvisational sections, and you really are on your own in terms of what you play; the music comes from within.

“Many of the songs lyrics, especially those written by Matt Richards, are extremely introspective, including a theme of uncertainty of direction and reliance on others.  When you think “north,” you think of adjectives like cold, dreary, and even powerful, which are a few of the underlying themes of the album. …the biggest theme of the album are that of death and rebirth, and the return to your origins, or source if you will. This was mostly inspired by my father’s (Nelson) death and the scattering of his ashes in an Adirondack pond where through him I got to experience the beauty and solitude of the outdoors. The change of seasons in the northern part of the country is a beautiful and awe inspiring thing that represents the very idea of coming full circle. We feel like the music on All Points North truly embodies all of those themes and ideas.”

This album title and its rationale carries a lot of emotions and thematic elements. Even though this is set to be released in April 2017, the band has already put a great deal of thought and care into the songwriting process and the direction of the music. Can’t wait to hear the finished project!

Formula 5 is counting down to the end of 2016. Come rock with them before they ring in the new year at their final three shows! Here are the dates:

December 17, Dinosaur BBQ, Troy, NY – annual holiday party! Wear your ugly Christmas sweater!

December 23, Goosemas, O’Neills, Norwalk, CT, supporting Goose

December 30, American Beauty, NYC, part of the PhanArt show – free admission from 3-7pm

Check out exclusive video from their December 8 show at Putnam Den, featuring The Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers,” and two originals, “It Goes” and “Come Along.”

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