Cross Country Interview with the One and Only Zach Deputy

Talents in the music world like Zach Deputy are a rare breed. The multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter is from Savannah, Georgia ( I thought he told ya?) He is currently  on tour to support his newest album Wash It In The Water. With his upcoming show November 29 at Buffalo Iron Works he recently took the time to talk with me about tour life, our great state of New York and much more.

Tim Merrill: Where in the world is Zach Deputy today on this fifth day of November?

Zach Deputy: That’s today I’m assuming (haha)? I just crossed the California border into Arizona. We are in Tempe, AZ right now. I’ve got a show in Tempe tonight at the Marquee Theater

TM: You’ve got a show later this month in Buffalo. The show is five days after Thanksgiving. How do you plan on spending your Thanksgiving?

ZD: What am I doing for Thanksgiving? Probably hanging out with the Worm. A bunch of Wormtown Family. I’ve spent Thanksgiving there two or three times over the past few years.

TM: You’re no stranger to playing in Buffalo. Is there anything you like to do when you pass through town?

ZD: I’m always down to play disc golf. I love the wings at the Anchor Bar. Some people claim they’re the best. Some people don’t. But yea, that place is awesome. Those wings are legit!

TM: When you’re  on tour traveling through the rest of the great state of New York how do you like to spend your time off stage?

ZD: I love Keuka Lake. Swimming in that lake is awesome! I’ve been sick before and jumped in and felt instantly better. I love New York. Lake George, tons of places upstate. Except for the winters. I’m a Southern boy

TM: You’re latest album Wash It In The Water was released a few months ago. What song(s) are you having fun playing on tour off the album?

ZD: I’ve been playing a few different versions of “Put It In The Boogie.” Maybe four different versions but they are always different.  I’ve had a lot of fun opening up the jam on that song, especially the solo.

TM: At what age did you pick up your first instrument?

ZD: I’ve always told people that I played my voice first. Before my recollection it was there. But I picked up the guitar at 13. Got one for my 13th birthday.

TM: Whats in store for Zach Deputy in 2017?

ZD: I’m always trying to work on my craft. I’m always trying to give back the love that was so freely given to me. Just trying to make this thing bigger and better. You know, onward and upward. Wherever that takes me!

Doors are at 7 PM and the show starts at 8 PM Tuesday November 29 at Buffalo Iron Works. Tickets are available here. Bring your dancing shoes. See you there!

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