Papa Roach Teases New Material

During a recent coast to coast co-headlining tour of Canada with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach front man Jacoby Shaddix had a brief chat with Scotty Mars from the “Scotty Mars Show,” which airs out of Halifax, Nova Scotia on the radio station Live 105. Shaddix touched on a couple of things that Papa Roach fans can look forward to in the future, and on the band’s upcoming tenth studio album.


Mars touched on a tweet that Shaddix posted, where he stated that he was loving the direction that he and the band were taking the new album. Mars than asked the frontman what exactly he meant by that statement. Shaddix responded:

I definitely feel there’s a change in the sound of the band on this record, more so than in the past. Our goal was to go in and kind of shake things up on this record. This is our ninth or tenth album — I don’t even know now — and we just wanted to kind of go in there and freak it. We started cutting tracks and then I just started rapping on a bunch of the tracks again and kind of bringing some of that old-school sound back mixed with where we have evolved to as a band. And so it sounds like if our first album, ‘Infest’ had a baby with our third album, ‘Getting Away With Murder’ in 2016.

Shaddix was then asked if changing the band’s sound was something that has been done through the years consciously or organically. He replied:

I feel that’s just kind of organically. It’s, like, the image of the band and the style and the image that represents us is evolving, ’cause the style and the sound of our music has always been something that’s evolved. And so it’s just kind of a natural progression for the band. But this new record, in a way, just feels more ‘street,’ if that makes sense. You know what I mean. It’s just grimy and it’s edgy and the story telling that I’m doing on this record is reflective of my youth, but then it’s also, you know, from my perspective now as a man in this world. So it’s a powerful record, man.

Mars asked when fans will hear something new from the album. The singer stated that the band intends to leak a track in the next month or two with an official single headed to rock radio stations by the end of the year. Papa Roach’s new album itself will be released within the first quarter of 2017.

You can hear the full eleven minute audio interview between Mars and Shaddix here.

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