The Werks Fall Tour Makes Multiple Stops in New York

Ohio based jam band The Werks will be making several New York  stops on their Fall 2016 tour.  The band will be swinging through Syracuse on  Thursday, September 29th at the Westcott Theater as well as a stop on October 1 at the the Waiting Room in Buffalo.


The Werks bring their own unique blend into a world of jam filled bands.  Part psychedelic guitar with tinges of classic rock, modern dance beats, funk and synth, The Werks are known for providing the perfect backdrop for high energy shows.  For fans that may have only seen the band on the festival circuit over the summer, a smaller venue show is the perfect opportunity to see what the band offers on the road.

Bassist Jake Goldberg joined the band early this year, after Dino Dimitrouleas took a hiatus this past January.  Goldberg has stepped into touring with the band full time. Werks guitarist Chris Houser told NYS Music, that Goldberg has been a welcomed addition to the Werks’ vibes.

“Jake has brought a fun dynamic to the band. He is a hell of a talented bassist as well as a great guy to hang out with.  The main thing that makes Jake stand out is his ear and attention to detail, he picks up on the most subtle nuances and changes with cat like speed and response. They may call him “Baby Hands” but he sure plays like he has 11 fingers on each hand.”

Fans who haven’t seen the band in a smaller venue or club, can expect something a little lighter and deeper from the band as they head out on the road this fall. “We usually play our “A” material for festival sets, meaning; we play our strongest material that we are feeling at the time of the show.” noted Houser.  “At a club gig you will tend to see our lighter side such as us really taking a jam to outer space to the point that you’ve forgotten what song the jam even came out of. We are much less rushed and will even crack some jokes or play some funny tongue in cheek improv sections that we feel sometimes the festival crowd might not get. Basically when you come to a Werks club gig, you’re at a Werks show and that’s what we give you.”

The Werks are regulars to Buffalo and love the vibe of the areas music fans. “We received an undeniable amount of ‘Buffalove’ the first time we played at Nietzsche’s in Buffalo a few years ago.” said Houser.


Houser stayed tight lipped about possible sit-ins but noted that these shows will probably hold that special magic for which the Werks are known. “All I can say is just make sure you don’t miss these shows because there’s always something that none of us ever saw coming.”

Music starts at the Westcott Theather in Syracuse at 8pm with opening bands Vaporeyes & Space Carnival.

Music will start at 9pm in Buffalo at Waiting Room.

Tickets are still available for both shows.

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