Fake DJ Marshmello Plays Zouk, Adding More Backlash to the Nightclub’s Rep

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if you ask DJ Marshmellow, he’s not feeling too flattered that one of the top nightclubs in the world and one of the premiere nightclubs in Asia, Zouk Singapore, had let a guest dressed in an outfit similar to his, play a live DJ set, to some serious backlash from fans who attended the Ultra after party held at the nightclub.


Party goers who attended the after party took selfies with the impostor, not knowing he wasn’t the real deal until it was too late, making the EDM community upset that such a thing could happen at one of the top clubbing venues in the world.

Embarrassed by the event, resident DJ, Jade Rasif, put her residency on the line by posting a message on her twitter account expressing her feelings about the situation. She first asked how the nightclub could even allow this to happen and cheat the audience. Rasif continued, asking how the nightclub failed to do their due diligence and realize this guy was a cheap copy of the original, questioning the club’s lack of integrity for not informing the crowd that it was a mascot and not DJ Marshmello.

Marshmello showed respect to Rasif in a tweet that stated, “Super wack you guys hired an impostor to perform as Marshmello.”

Feeling the heat from the electronic dance world, Zouk posted a response on social media about the situation:

On 10 Sep 2016, there was a guest dressed up in a mascot outfit similar to DJ Marshmello’s that visited Zouk. We would like to take the opportunity to clarify that he was not hired by Zouk Singapore as a mascot or to DJ and we apologize for any confusion caused. We have always encouraged our guests to be creative and fun-loving, and it was never our intention to mislead guests at the club or be disrespectful.

As part of our communications, Zouk has always issued official announcements in the lead up to performances of guest artists that we have hired. We would like to give the assurance to all our guests that Zouk has valued and will continue to value the importance of respecting the industry, our fellow artiste, customers, and their interests.

It’s obvious that Zouk promoters are not being totally honest with fans by the statement they released. In Zouk’s post, they stated that the mascot was there to visit, and was not hired by Zouk as a mascot or to DJ. That leaves many fans in the music world asking, if what Zouk is saying is true, then how did this performer end up in the DJ booth?

Zouk caught heat earlier this year when DJ Fadi of the Aly & Fila was forced to stop his contracted set after the DJ refused to play back-to-back for the last hour of his set with VIP guest of the night, who happened to be the son of Malaysian Prime Minister Ashman Najib.

Marshmello has two sold out performances coming to New York City this fall. The fluffy puff will be part of the Pier Of Fear event on Halloween night at Pier 94. He then brings his upcoming The Ritual Tour to Terminal 5 Nov. 18.