The Z3, Cousin Earth, Dave Chiappetta and Steadfast Charlie at American Beauty TONIGHT

TONIGHT! Come enjoy an evening of talented acts at the American Beauty in New York. The evening will start at 8 p.m. with Dave Chiappetta and Steadfast Charlie, 9 p.m. Cousin Earth set, and The Z3 will take the stage at 10 p.m. Tickets can be bought online or at the door for $15.

Dave Chiappetta and Steadfast Charlie (DC&SC) are veterans of the Jam scene.  The band features Dave Chiappetta (vocals/guitar) of Blind Man Sun, Scott Chasolen (vocals/piano/organ/keyboards) of ULU and The Machine, Adam Minkoff (vocals/bass guitar) of Color & Talea and The Machine, and Sean Dixon (drums/percussion) of Jazz Mandolin Project.  DC&SC’s 2011 debut EP was received with critical acclaim and won Relix Magazine’s “Jam Off Competition.” DC&SC is currently out supporting their latest release, “Traveling” which is available through iTunes and all major online retailers.

Dave Chiappetta and Steadfast Charlie

Cousin Earth, a Progressive Ukulele Rock band, brings a slew of different musical styles to the table, including Fusion, Ragtime, Funk, Bluegrass, Hip Hop and Electronica. Their ability to fuse playfulness with technical strength has won them much acclaim, while their unique vocal breakdowns and ukulele shredding continues to bring in new fans. Cousin Earth was conceived back in 2013, when Joey Calfa (ukulele/guitar/vocals) and Nate Searing (drums) met in a Frank Zappa cover band; they are joined by Tara Lawton (Vocals, Melodica, Keys, Percussion), Corey J. Feldman (Ukulele Bass, Bass, Vocals) and Terry Brennan (Vocals, Kazoo, Percussion). They have shared the stage with notable acts such as, Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Future Folk, Andy Frasco and the U.N., Aqueous, Big Something, The Reformed Whores, Teddy Midnight, and McLovins.

Cousin Earth

The Z3’s “Funky Takes on Frank [Zappa]” began as Tim Palmieri, Beau Sasser and Bill Carbone, with guitar, organ/keys, drums and three voices, playing the music they’ve obsessed over for years. Then Ed Mann joined, and with him came the addition of mallet instruments, percussion, and a Bob Dylan impersonation in the Frank Zappa band from 1977-88. Organist Beau Sasser and drummer Bill Carbone discovered a shared passion for Frank Zappa while touring together in the band of guitarist Melvin Sparks. They daydreamed of a trio in the organ-funk style that performed nothing but Zappa, but who would complete the triumvirate and serve as the missing-link to bridge the two genres was a mystery. When guitarist/vocalist Tim Palmieri, a diehard Zappa fan, ended up on a string of regular Wednesday night funk gigs with The Beau Sasser Trio in November 2011, the Z3 was born. The three musicians knew each other from years working in the Northeast music scene, their chemistry was undeniable, and the transition from pickup band to the Z3 was as smooth as passage of quintuplets in 9/8.