Saturdays in September at Nietzsche’s, Presented by NYS Music

Autumn is arriving, but that doesn’t mean the heat has to stop! Check out these stellar performances lined up every Saturday this September at Nietzsche’s, presented to you by NYS Music.

SATURDAY September 36th Annual Phish Tribute Night at Nietzche’s


The 6th Annual Phish Tribute night at Nietzsche’s is hosted by Adam Bronstein’s Phreehand Band, for a special 25th anniversary of the year that Phish last played at Nietzche’s, on April 19, 1991. The line for the show was around the corner that night, marking it as one of the most packed nights at Nietzche’s, and a great reason for the club to turn it into an annual celebration. Adam Bronstein (guitar) is joined by band members Donny Frauenhofer (keys), Anthony Henry (bass) and Jon Fohl (drums), for a promising night of four sets of Phish covers, with no repeats. They will be joined by Ben Whalen ‘N’ the Velvet Sea featuring Ben Whelan (bass), Joey Lewis (guitar), Matt Lester (keys) and Jim Edgar (drums).

SATURDAY September 10Super American / Cooler / Jouska / County Mike at Nietzsche’s

Super American

Super American blend angsty wordplay with the romantic hue of 90’s guitar pop, and the energy of 80’s punk, into an innovative post-Internet rock sound. In collaboration with one of the most promising up-and-coming visual talents in the industry, Andy DeLuca, Super American are excited to share their vision.


Cooler, a quartet hailing out of Buffalo, are phantom phuzz visionaries, featuring Alley (guitar/vocals), Nate (guitar/vocals), Nick (drums/vocals) and Adam (bass). The group’s alternative sound is competent with their skillful songwriting, a great combination for this young rock talent.


The Albany natives Jouska, an “alternative, dreamy, shoegaze” band, feature a unique sound that transcends you into a daze. Jouska is John Mongonia, Jevan Dollard, Doug Dulgarian and Eric Lloyd. Check out these guys for a playful, eclectic performance and experience how different harmonies and structures can impact tone.

Country Mike

Country Mike is a one man show of earnest stripped down acoustic jams for the introspective. Mike Campana’s sound has alternative rock mixed with punk, coupled with a dash of folk and indie. His songs bear feeling and soulful lyrics.

SATURDAY September 17- Intrepid Travelers & The Clock Reads at Nietzche’s
Intrepid Travelers

Founded on friendship, fun, and a sense of freedom, Intrepid Travelers is a musical quartet from Buffalo, NY that defines itself through boundless improvisation and eclectic evolution. Treating each live show as a journey with the audience rather than a performance, Intrepid Travelers pride themselves on a form of focused, collective expression that showcases a medium where cerebral musicianship meets heartfelt, soulful songwriting. 2015 was a breakthrough year for Intrepid Travelers with the release of “Flash Drive In A Bottle” and their single, “Conquistadors,” along with a national tour spanning from neighboring cities in the northeast, to west coast dates throughout Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. 

clock reads

The Clock Reads, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, draw on a diverse range of musical tastes to form their unique sound. Formed in 2013 and fully fledged by 2014, the band is comprised of recent graduates of the University of Pittsburgh. With roots in traditional rock, jam, and jazz styles, the band’s repertoire has spanned the genres of space-jazz, to classic funk and traditional jam. The Clock crafts their sound from the music that is constantly surrounding their lives. Their arsenal of original tunes is as varied as their musical tastes. The backbone of their sound is formed by tight communication, often allowing the band to transcend the “known” and “recognizable” into uncharted territory. This energy creates an exciting environment for both the band and the audience.

SATURDAY September 24– TBA

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