The Motet, a Funky Crew, Comes to Work at The Warehouse

If you’re a fan of classic, feel good funk groups like Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament Funkidelic, Tower of Power and Jamiroquai, then The Motet is the band to see Saturday, August 13. They have captured many of the defining characteristics of these classic funk and soul groups into their own. This makes a truly unique but familiar sound, that will resonate and move with a variety of audiences. The band has sold out venues, including the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. The group’s origins date back to 1998, with original founding member, Dave Watts. And almost two decades and seven albums later, the group has refined their sound and performance into something truly worth witnessing.

The Motet 2016

The band’s biggest structural element is using, “the healing powers of funky music,” to create a unique chemistry between the band and the audience. Bass player Garrett Sayers believes, “…the most important thing about music and being a musician is to get people to feel something,” and that’s exactly what they do.  

The Motet defines themselves as having roots from funk, afrobeat, disco, electronic music and soul, while putting a modern jam and improvisational feel to their songs that gets the crowd moving and the party started. Their sound is tight, but very powerful, much like the styles of funk bands in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. These classic groups are what band leader Dave Watts used as inspiration when he first started to toy with the idea of creating a funk band.  

The band looks slightly different from when they last jammed in Connecticut, in July of 2015 with lead singer, Lyle Divinsky and saxophonist Drew Sawyer joining the funky bunch earlier this year. This incarnation of The Motet can be experienced at The Warehouse at FTC August 13. Come down to feel The Motet’s funky healing powers. Come at eight to see the wildly different but strangely farmiliar Animal Dap. Their sound  is a cross between rock, EDM, hip hop and funk, making them one hell of a party starter. Animal Dap plays at 8:00, The Motet starts at about 9:15. 

The Motet in The Warehouse at FTC, Saturday, August 13. Tickets are $25 each. Doors at 7PM, show at 8PM.

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