5 Seconds of Summer shook the Amphitheater

Perhaps many are unfamiliar with 5 Seconds of Summer’s sound, believing it to be more pop sounding. But then they hit the stage with a sound more reminiscent of Fall Out boy. More than 3000 devoted followers deafeningly cheered them on before they could fully play one verse!

Mariah Giles- 5SOS-15

Right from the first song,their “pop with a punk rock edge” influence was all over the stage “Hey Everybody” was one of their first songs and it got the entire Lakeview Amphitheater on their feet. They did “Permanent Vacation” and then finished up the night and their encores with a rendition of “What I Like About You” that had the whole audience screaming the lyrics right along with them.

All in all, they are a talented group, with Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings at one point coming together and reaching across to play each other’s guitar!

Mariah Giles- 5SOS-10

They played hard and had the entire amphitheater in the palm of their hands. When Michael Clifford took the stage alone to sing the start of “Jet Black Heart”, he didn’t have to say a word. Simply stood there, while the audience begged for more. By the look on his face, he was just as happy as they were.

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