Frendly Gathering Photo Gallery: Thursday & Friday

Frendly’s music offerings Thursday evening were from some pretty amazing groups whose names may not sound super familiar, but certainly will, after you hear their tunes for the first time. Smooth Antics, Into the Mystic and a Twiddle Campfire jam were a perfect start to an incredible weekend of music. Saturday was saturated with good vibes and performance all throughout the day. To name a few – Mal Maiz started off the afternoon with their fantastic world music, getting everyone up and dancing. Then Twiddle played their pond set, offering up a nice afternoon show for all of the people who were swimming and hanging around the water. Marco Benevento and his band brought a unique show, welcoming his two children on stage at the end to dance for the crowd, which brought joy to accompany the already sunshine filled day. Pappy & Frends, a small collaboration by a few members of Cabinet, played by the Burton Teepee right before the sun went down, leaving the crowd stoked for their night time set to come.

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