Charley Orlando Unveils Summer Tour Dates

Charley Orlando, the folk-rock singer-songwriter from Glenville, will perform across Central New York this summer.

The artist released the dates of his upcoming shows this week. He will perform solo at Funk n’ Waffles in downtown Syracuse at 8 p.m. Sunday, June 12. Tim Herron will also play that night.

The following weekend, Orlando is scheduled to perform at Cortland Beer Company in Cortland and Art on the Porches in Syracuse on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18, respectively. In the Friday show, the singer will be joined, as he often is, by the musicians of his band RUHA.


One of Orlando’s other projects — Pearly Baker’s Best, a Syracuse-based Grateful Dead tribute band — will play twice this summer. The group will be at Funk n’ Waffles on Saturday, July 9, as part of Hippie Ball II before appearing at Ray Brother’s BBQ in Bouckville for the Jerry Garcia Celebration on Friday, Aug. 5.

Orlando has released 13 albums, most recently StarSeed in 2014. On his website, Orlando refers to the album as “an unconventional recording style creating rhythmic patterns and atmospheric layers in Ableton Live first, before adding guitar, harmonica, and finally vocals to each track.”

Charley Orlando summer 2016 tour dates:

  • June 3 — Taste of Syracuse, Syracuse, NY — 5:45 p.m. (RUHA)
  • June 4 — Maxwells, Syracuse, NY — 7 p.m. (solo)
  • June 10 — Old City Hall, Oswego, NY — 7 p.m. (solo)
  • June 12 — Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse, NY — 8 p.m. (solo)
  • June 17 — Cortland Beer Company, Cortland, NY — 8 p.m. (RUHA)
  • June 18 — Art on the Porches, Syracuse, NY — 11 a.m. (solo)
  • July 9 — Hippie Ball II, Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse, NY — 8 p.m. (Pearly Baker’s Best)
  • July 31 — KMASE & Cones, The Ice Cream Stand, North Syracuse, NY — 12 p.m. (solo)
  • August 5 — Jerry Garcia Celebration, Ray Brother’s BBQ, Bouckville, NY — 8 p.m. (Pearly Baker’s Best)
  • August 13 — SeedStock VIII, Cortland, NY — 12 p.m. (RUHA)

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